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About Us
Heavenly Seed LLC is owned/managed by Mike Watkins who has over 40 years experience in the seed industry. He was Executive Vice President of the Foundation Seed Program at Clemson University from 1984-2009. For those of you who have bought seed from Mike over the years, Heavenly Seed is committed to providing the same quality seed and sweet potato plants that you have become accustomed to. After Mike retired from the Foundation Seed Program in September 2009, he and his wife Pattie decided to fulfill their dream of starting their own seed business with a focus on the finest open-pollinated, heirloom (including the Dr. David Bradshaw Heirloom Collection), and organic vegetable seed available.

To preserve heirloom varieties and the heritage associated with each variety.      

To offer our customers:    

- A large variety of the finest quality open-pollinated, heirloom, and organic seed on the market in packets suitable for home garden use.

- Many varieties that were developed by USDA-ARS and/or university agricultural experiment stations.

- Hybrids that have been the favorites of home gardeners for many years. The hybids we offer are the result of crossing pure lines of the same species to achieve the desired result. This is done by taking pollen from one line and pollinating another line. This seems a lot of trouble to go to but there are definite advantages. Scientific and accurate breeding programs have made it possible not only to bring out the outstanding qualities of the parent plants, but in most cases. these qualities have been enhanced and new desirable characteristics added to the resultant hybrid plants. In addition to qualities like good vigor, trueness to type, heavy yields and high uniformity which hybrid plants enjoy, other characteristics such as earliness, disease resistance and good holding ability have been incorporated into most F-1 hybrids. Uniform plant habit and maturity, coupled with uniformity in shape or size have made hybrid vegetables extremely suitable for mechanical harvesting. Disadvantage: Hybrid seed cannot be saved, as the seed from the first generation of hybrid plants does not reliably produce true copies, therefore, new seed must be purchased for each planting.

None of the hybrid seeds we offer have been genetically modified or engineered. A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques, generally known as recombinant DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources or species, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. This DNA is then transferred into an organism, giving it modified or novel genes.

- Quality sweet potato plants.

- Personal service and attention to detail

- To provide fast, safe and affordable shipping



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